What Sets Us Apart

A Combination of Experience and Innovation

Apex has three endodontists at our North Tonawanda practice, whose combined experience in dentistry exceeds 50 years. Dr. Anthony Domenico performs most of the consultations at the practice and works with Dr. Jordan and Dr. Czaperacker to diagnose your situation. It is such a benefit to our patients that our endodontists practice out of one location so that they can review their work together and discuss options for the tougher cases. Our endodontists are perfectionists; they hold each other to a high clinical standard and possess clinical skills that are beyond extraordinary.

Sedation Options

We are the only endodontic office in Western New York to offer oral conscious sedation. This is the perfect option for nervous patients who need help to relax during their procedure. Oral sedation is for patients that want more than nitrous oxide and do not want IV sedation or general anesthesia. Dr. Jordan also offers nitrous oxide for those patients who want to remain awake, but need something mild to relax. Nitrous oxide takes effect within minutes and lasts only as long as it is administered. A consultation is required for any patient requesting sedation prior to treatment.

Office Amenities

While getting a root canal may be stressful at some practices, we take special care to create an environment where comfort comes first. Patients are greeted by name when they enter the practice. They may choose their own TV station in the operatory or movie glasses that allows them to watch Netflix during their procedure. We encourage patients to choose their own music station while being treated or even bring in a pair of headphones with their favorite tunes. All patients are offered a warm aromatherapy towel after their procedure. These amenities are just some of the many ways we show compassion and care to our patients.

The Apex Advantage

Our practice philosophy is based on solid research and evidence-based clinical techniques to achieve the most positive outcomes for you.

  • Apex hosts a state-of-art office that includes technologies such as cone beam 3D imaging technology, the Gentlewave® Procedure, digital handheld X-rays, ultrasonic instrumentation, surgical operating microscopes, apex locators, rotary techniques, and in-operatory entertainment.
  • Apex was the first endodontics office in Buffalo with a 3D X-ray machine. Our Sirona SL-3Di X-ray machine allows us to be able to take 3D images of the face and jaws in an affordable manner to the patient. This is only a 14-second scan during which the patient can sit or stand.
  • We are the only endodontic office within more than 100 miles to offer the Gentlewave Procedure. This allows our doctors to get a higher level of clean and also preserve more tooth structure.
  • Since procedures such as root canals can often make our patients anxious, we offer oral conscious sedation to put our patients at ease. We are the ONLY endodontic office in Western New York to offer oral sedation options. This also includes nitrous oxide.
  • Apex has dental surgical microscopes in all procedure rooms so that even during a consultation or re-check you are given the utmost care.
  • It is important to note that our 3D X-ray room and dental operatories are secluded. We use tall cabinets and walls to provide privacy and comfort; however, you will never be in a closed room at our office. We have been told by many of our patients this provides a more casual and welcoming atmosphere.
  • We offer flexible hours and are always on call for emergencies.